Work Experience:

Jet Aviation / Hawker Pacific - Singapore / Australia:

November – December 2019 (6 weeks)

I was invited to spend time running through the IT Operations of Jet Aviation / Hawker Pacific which included spending a week with the Service Desk team in Singapore and five weeks with the IT Operations Team in Caloundra, Australia with a week in Sydney.

During this time, I learnt about:

  • RAIDs.
  • VMware Infrastructure
  • Building Virtual Machines and Resource Management
  • Installing Windows Server 2016
  • Creating an Active Directory domain
  • DNS
  • DHCP and Group Policy
  • Email security.
  • Software I have successfully made into a virtual machine using Virtual Box and VM Ware:

  • Windows XP Virtual Box
  • Windows Vista Virtual Box
  • Windows 7 Virtual Box
  • Windows 2016 Server VM Ware
  • Windows 10 VM ware/ Virtual Box
  • Kali Linux Virtual Box
  • Linux Ubuntu Virtual Box
  • Linux Ubuntu Virtual Box
  • I used the 2016 Windows Server so I could learn how to use Acive Directory I was able to make an admin account upon setup and set the background in a user account I made using AD in the admin account. I also setup RAID 1 and 5 for using the server I built in Australia with 8 disks and 32GB of RAM.


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