Current projects:

Because I'm during the pandemic I am bored, I have decided to put my bordem to good use. Here you can see a list, When ❌ shows next the the bullet point, it indicates the objective is incomplete. When βœ… is shown it indicates that the objective is complete.

  • βœ… Learning html5.
  • βœ… This website.
  • βœ… Raspberry Pi - Kali Linux.
  • βœ… Raspberry Pi - Bitcoin Node. (Umbrel)
  • βœ… Pi-Hole DNS ad blocker.
  • βœ… PiVPN using OpenVPN and Wireguard with my Pihole as the DNS.
  • ❌ Learning CSS.
  • ❌ Learn Rust.
  • ❌ Learn Python.
  • ❌ Learn Typescript.
  • ❌ Learn Objective C.
  • ❌ Learn Swift
  • ❌ Learn Java
  • ❌ Learn Javascript
  • ❌ Learn SQL
  • Maybe I won't master all 9 of the selected programing languages but, I would really like to focus on and have a very good understanding of Python, Rust, Swift and html with at least a basic understanding of Java, JS, TypeScript, Objective C, CSS and SQL.

    I'm currently teaching myself how to use Linux using a Raspberry Pi.

    I decided to make some vitual machines using Virtual Box and display them here.

    Fig.1 - Windows 10

    Fig.2 - Windows 2000


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